VGYE 29er sailing racing team

The club’s 29er sailing racing team has been operating since 2022. All the competitors are from the RS Feva class. The club currently has four 29er boats and the head coach is Máté Csák..

In its first year, the team prepared for the races with a 70-day training programme, participating in 4 domestic and 2 international races. In its first year, the fleet performed outstandingly, finishing 7th in the Hungarian championship. In international competitions, the best VGYE boat finished 4th in the silver group.

In 2023, in addition to the four-team VGYE 29er Team 90-day programme and the five domestic races, we are also preparing for two international races. The training and racing period runs from mid-March to the end of November each year. Training in Hungary is at the RS Sailing Center. Twice a year the 29er Team members also participate in training camps abroad.

The 29er sailboat is a high performance skiff which is a preparatory boat for the Olympic 49er class. The children in the boat will gain skills that will prepare them for the types of boats of the 21st century.

VGYE 29er team Lake Garda 2023

Downloadable documents for the VGYE 29er sailing team 2023: