About the Club

Why children?
In the summer of 2007 we saw children camping somewhere in a harbour on the north coast. They were throwing themselves into the basics of sailing with incredible enthusiasm, will and energy. On the terrace of the clubhouse, they learned knots, tidied up the club’s washed-up boats and mastered the basics of sailing.

It was fun to watch them. We thought that maybe they will be the next generation of sailors on Lake Balaton, our successors. Maybe they will learn why we don’t throw anything into the water and why “sailing etiquette” is important. Maybe they will be the ones who will be helped by the basics that a sailing camp like this provides, making them real sportsmen. Maybe they will become the future Olympic, World or European champion sailing team of Hungary. Then they took to the water. At least they tried, but no two boats were the same…

There were no two fully functioning structures that could float on water and sail. It wasn’t the coaches’ fault, and it wasn’t the club’s fault. There was simply no money to buy identical boats for camping.

We felt a bit like Hungary. Again, a sport that is important to us, our kids, our coaches, our camp leaders and our future. There just isn’t the money. So we came up with a way to help them, and we created an association to support the post-graduate education of Hungarian sailing, to promote the sport of sailing, even to people who don’t know what a boat canvas is for, but a defining experience can make them one of us.

Our objectives:
The aim of our association is to provide sailing children with conditions on Hungarian lakes and other venues that will give them a bond with the water, sailing and sport in general.
We consider it our priority:

  • organising sailing camps,
  • competing in junior classes,
  • organizing youth races,
  • supporting the equipment of sailing schools,
  • organising sailing training camps and children’s events

Location of the club:
Budapest, Kopaszi dam:
We mainly provide activities for children in primary school settings. Our open training sessions are open twice a week in spring and autumn, by appointment. At our school in Budapest we use Laser Pico training boats with a maximum of 15 children at a time. We organise sailing camps for beginners at the beginning of summer and the last week of August every year.

Balatonalmádi – Káptalanfüred RS Sailing center
At our base on Balaton we organise children’s camps during the summer. In addition to the camps, the RS Sailing center also hosts training sessions for our junior fleets. The RS Feva racing team and the 29er racing team are based here. Every year we hold junior races in the area, adult juvenile instruction and team building training for adults and children.

Professional staff:

Our staff are all qualified sailing coaches and instructors, who have done a lot for Hungarian sailing for many years, decades.In addition to our coaches, young people who have learned the basics of the sport in one of the VGYE’s programmes work as assistant coaches.

Richárd Náray | President of the club. Organiser of the RS Feva European Championship 2023 and RS Feva programmes in general in the country. Head of the HSA Sailing School programme. He has been sailing since childhood and also works as a sailing instructor, judge and race organizer. Since 2008 he is a sailing coach and WS sailing instructor level 3.

Vilmos Náray | He has been sailing since 1973. In 2020 he will graduate from the HSA sailing coaching course. Head of the club’s school sailing programme. Jury with international experience, head of jury of all RS Feva and Laser Pico events in Hungary since 2010. Sailing professionally since 1973. Organiser of Dragon European Championships at Lake Balaton, Hungary in 2010 and 2018. Actively participates in every segment of organising sailing competitions.

László Kutassy | He has been sailing since childhood. Olympic medallist in 470 class. Physical education teacher, sailing coach for more than 20 years. Head coach of the club’s RS Feva team.

Máté Csák | 29er team coach. 20 years old. He has come up through the ranks in sailboat racing, currently competing in the 49er class. He is a sailing coach, his hobby is flying and he is preparing for his pilot exam.

László Török | | 15 years of sailing. He has been a member of the VGYE team since 2017. He is the assistant coach of the RS Feva team. He has an RS Feva sailing team, its name is Töröksailing. He is a lawyer, and a tourism specialist. He has 10 years event organising experience in sport events as a festival director.

Zoltán Szabó | Sailing coach at the VGYE Club since 2017. Sailing coach, chemical engineer by profession. His passion is sailing for children. He runs beginner and advanced Laser Pico and RS Fevva camps. He is also in charge of the training sessions at the open Kopas dam.

Éva Őrszigethy | Head of international relations of RS Sailing Hungary since 2017. She was present when winning the right to organise the events. Mother of four children, all sailing in the RS Feva class. Originally works as a pedagogue, therefore she is responsible for the children’s spirit in the team.