Gastronomy in Balatonfüred

What and where we eat and drink is very important to us… Hungarian gastronomy is world famous. Our dishes are special and often use local ingredients. After Budapest, Lake Balaton and its surroundings are Hungary’s most important gastronomic destination. Among the specialities of Hungarian cuisine, everyone will find something to their taste.

But the Balaton region is not only famous for its Hungarian cuisine. In the area around RS Feva Eurocup Hungary 2024, you will find a wide variety of restaurants and buffets selling international cuisine.

RS Feva Eurocup Hungary 2024 participants are children and young people. However, the parents and chaperones are adults and we can recommend some of the famous wineries of the Balaton wine region. The wines of Balaton, although small in area, are special handcrafted products, the wineries are hidden in the hillsides with a wonderful panorama. They are definitely worth a visit and offer a special experience.

Let us recommend some restaurants and wineries to you! Our list is by no means exhaustive and focuses only on Balatonfüred and its surroundings. Twenty to thirty minutes by car from Balatonfüred you can have additional innumerable gastronomic experiences. If we can help you find something really special, contact the organisers during the race!

Restaurants, bistros in Balatonfüred:

Wineries around Balatonfüred:

Zelna Winery | Balatonfüred, Lapostelki str. 9.
Since 2014 we have been organically farming in the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region, in particular in Balatonfüred and Balatonszőlős. Our main variety is Olaszrizling, but we also offer Pinot Gris, Merlot and Zweigelt.

Zelna Winery

We have built our winery in Balatonfüred, using the most modern technologies. From grape harvesting to bottling, we carry out all processes ourselves. We make light, reductive wines, but our premium wines are also barrel-aged.  In terms of style, the most important thing is that the wines are fresh, fruity and have the character of the region.

Our sites are located in Balatonfüred and Balatonszőlős. The soils of our vineyards are so diverse that sometimes even within a single vineyard, the character is completely different. It is important to us to harvest the best quality grapes possible, so we have been practicing organic farming since the beginning.

Our classic wines are characterised by their freshness and fruitiness. They are light, easy-drinking, varietal wines that ferment in steel tanks, preserving the character of the varieties.

In addition to the light wines, we also produce a selection of vineyard wines, which aim to show the characteristics of the terroir and the value of the varieties. Some of these wines are also barrel-aged to intensify the flavours.

Taste our wines at Zelna Wine and Wine Bar!

Arias Winery | Pécsely, Megyehegy
In ’91, my parents bought an 800-square-acre vineyard and the wine cellar that went with it – that’s how our story began. Today we farm more than 10 hectares in Pécsely and Balatonfüred. Our cellar is located on the Megyehegy with a wonderful panoramic view of Lake Balaton, which takes our breath away every day. It is no small challenge to cultivate grapes here: the soil is extremely stony. This can be felt in the taste of the wines, the Pécsely taste character is very distinctive.

Arias Winery

The Pécselyi basin, surrounded by hills, is a world of its own for us, where we can make wines as rich and unique as the wildlife of the Balaton Highlands.

Söptei Winery | Csopak, Venyige str. 1.
The Söptei Winery and Wine Cellar is the most patinated family winery in the Balatonfüred-Csopak Historic Wine Region, with a winemaking tradition going back more than 170 years. The winery, which nowadays farms 7 hectares, is run by Zsolt Söptei, the fifth generation of the family. The unique production technology ensures the uniqueness of their wines with high nutritional value.

Söptei Winery

Made from grapes harvested at full biological ripeness, the reductive wines are characterised by a much longer drinking period than usual. Söptei wines stand the test of time well, and their enjoyment value is only enhanced by years in the bottle. Year after year, the winery brings to our table such varied wines as the “Mood” dry amber cuvée, which won the gold medal at the world’s most prestigious and longest-running wine-grading event, the Challenge International du Vin in Bordeaux in 20201, the ’18 “Magic” Italian Riesling, also gold medal-winning in 2020, the ’15 “Hangulat”, also gold medal-winning in 2017, or the ’15 “Harmony” pinot blanc-chardonnay-grey blend, which also won a silver medal at the same event. Cheers!