Go Boating programme

Go Boating, the open day of Hungarian sailing

Every year we organise the Hungarian Sailing Open Day, which debuted in 2018 and was a huge success. The event, which is supported by the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the Hungarian Sailing Federation, is held on the last Thursday of every school year at the VGYE Sailing School in Budapest.

On this day, girls and boys aged 9-14 years are welcome in the VGYE sailing schools and clubs affiliated to the professionally recognised Sailing School programme of the Hungarian Sailing Federation. In particular, we have invited schools close to the VGYE Sailing School in Budapest to our event.

On this day, all interested schoolchildren will have the opportunity to learn about this beautiful sport. Youngsters can get a glimpse of what sailing boats look like, how they are fitted out, learn some basic sailing terms and important knots, and, weather permitting, they can get in the sailboats themselves with the help of the instructors.

GO Boating, the open day of Hungarian sailing

“Last year in Budapest we had nearly 200 children visit us, this year we are expecting more participants. The programme will be announced in May each year to nearby primary and secondary schools, but if you want to take part in the next GoBoating event, contact us!