Laser Pico fleet, boat for the camps

The Laser Pico is the ideal learning boat, children love it because it is easy to handle, fast and provides a close-to-water experience. Easy to transport, light weight, easy to assemble and disassemble. Children can put it together on their own, learning the importance of equipment and how to use the boat.

The boats are mainly used for beginner sailing camps. Children who sail in the Laser Pico fleet are transferred to the RS Feva racing fleet after 2-3 camps. The advantage of the two-person camping boat type is the experience of sailing in pairs, children are not afraid, they sail in a team all the time.

The Laser Pico teaches them complex team moves, using two sails. Under the right conditions, the boat can be glided. Thanks to its shape, Laser Pico is easy to set up and easy to handle.

Our association operates a fleet of six boats, which together are easy to transport, store and train in a fleet of six.

Laser Pico on Budapest