Programs near to the location

During RS Feva Eurocup you will certainly have time to look around the area. Balatonfüred and the northern shore of Lake Balaton is Hungary’s premier holiday destination and historic region. The area’s history dates back hundreds of years, and is world famous for its buildings, cultural programmes, excellent wines and gastronomic specialities. Young and old alike will find interesting tourist opportunities within walking distance of the RS Feva race venue!

It would be impossible to show you all the wonders of the area, so we have highlighted just a few of the highlights. For more information, please click here via our tourism partner.

Villa Vaszary | Balatonfured, Honved str. 2-4.

The restoration of this ill-fated building in 2010 made it one of the most prestigious and significant buildings in Balatonfüred. The building complex, which mainly exhibits works of art, hosts exhibitions accompanied by literary, musical and performance evenings, and on some occasions, you can even take a guided tour of the beautifully restored villa with renowned public figures and artists. The Villa offers fun for the whole family, with themed museum education sessions for children from the age of six, and a Vassary Café and Vassary Bookshop selling Vassary memorabilia and relics for adults.

Villa Vaszary

Mór Jókai Memorial House | Balatonfured, Honved str. 1.
In the villa built in 1870, Mór Jókai wrote his most popular novel, The Golden Man, and other short stories promoting Lake Balaton. The house, unique in the country, gives a glimpse into the everyday life of the Jókai Family in Fured, recalling the atmosphere of their social life.

Mór Jókai Memorial House

Bodorka Balaton Aquarium | Tagore promenade

15 freshwater aquariums, 2 marine aquariums and two terrariums. This is the most popular Visitor Centre in Balatonfüred! At the Balaton Aquatic World Visitor Centre, you can now meet the region’s fish live and face-to-face, from the wind-driven cysts of a few centimetres to the largest fish in Central Europe, the catfish, which can grow to several hundred metres. We also offer a small selection of Adriatic wildlife, courtesy of our sister city Opatija in Croatia. We recommend this centre to all visitors to Füred, children and adults alike.

Bodorka Balaton Aquarium

Kossuth Lajos water spring, drinking hall | Balatonfüred, Gyógy square

In the drinking hall in the square in front of the heart hospital, guests and those who wish to heal can taste the famous sour water of Balatonfüred. The hall was built in 1800 in classicist style and rebuilt in 1853.

Tagore Promenade and Memorial Tree Park |

Named after the Nobel Prize-winning Hindu poet Rabindranath Tagore, who regained his health in the autumn of 1926 at the Heart Hospital. His memorial tree and statue can be seen at the front of the promenade. Famous poets, politicians and scientists have planted trees in the memorial tree park.

Halász-Révész statue | Balatonfured, Vitorlas square

The two famous statues – reprezenting two ancient professions by the Lake were created by János Pásztor in 1937, but they were placed only four yearslater to their present location. According to the legend, if someone touches their boots, can be quite sure about visiting Balatonfüred again. 

House of Jewish Excellence | Balatonfured, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky str. 32.

The former synagogue building has been converted into a modern permanent and temporary exhibition space, and has been restored to its sacred function. The permanent exhibition presents Nobel Prize-winning scientists of Jewish origin, whose work has influenced our lives today. The life’s work of architects, artists and scientists is an example for all, discoveries that have moved the world forward. Touch-screen computers, sound desks, interactive projectors and tables, creative models, state-of-the-art museum educational activities, drawing and play areas.

House of Jewish Excellence

Anna Grand Hotel | Balatonfured, Gyogy square

Hotel Anna Grand used to be a restaurant and kursalon, nowadays gives place to the world-famous Anna-balls in July.

Anna-balls in July

Vitorlazeum | Balatonfured, Vitorlas square

A unique interactive exhibition space of sailing history awaits visitors in one of the most patriarchal buildings of Balatonfüred, on the first floor of the first clubhouse of Balaton sailing.
The new exhibition, open all year round, not only enhances the town’s tourist offer, but also has a unique and innovative theme, making it a unique attraction for Balaton tourism, offering a rich experience for all ages using modern computer technology.


Loczy-cave | Balatonfüred, end of Öreghegyi str.

The nearly 150 m long and 20 m deep – in terms of its shape – unique limestone cave was discovered by the world-famous explorer of Lake Balaton, Lajos Lóczy.

Koloska Valley |

By the Koloska spring, a rest and cooking area, bacon grills, a forest gymnastics track and a forestry and nature trail have been developed. A Nordic Walking trail has been marked with a hiking trail since autumn 2013, and a Wildlife Park has been open to visitors in the valley since the same year.

Jókai-lookout |

Tamás HillFrom the top of Tamás Hill you can enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Balaton and the surrounding villages.