RS Sailing Center, the dhingy port

Balaton harbors in recent years have been constantly criticized for deliberately strangling traditional jolle sailing that fits the lake. Most ports have no slipway, and mostly even the Biggest clubs only host their own youth athletes and club members place for leverage vessels. This is now changing the Vitorlázó Gyermekekért Egyesület, which along with RS Sailing on one of the most spectacular shores of Lake Balaton Balatonalmádi-Káptalanfüred to open it’s jolle harbor.

“Our old dream is now fulfilled with this project: on the one hand, for our racers and campers finding a location on Lake Balaton and providing storage and water retention space for anyone whothey want to have a good sail with their own yacht on a beautiful Balaton day, ”says Richárd Náray, Chairman of the Association and Managing Director of RS Sailing Hungary Kft.”

The RS Sailing Center has everything you need for dinghy sailing: big grassy area for boat storage, changing rooms and water blocks, free parking in front of the port and of course a great beach with deepening water almost immediately. The slipway will soon be in place, so by April 2021 the first training camps and training sessions have already started.

The Jolle Paradise is open to anyone who owns a ship and who occasionallyor want to use it all season. The project dreamers expect the news to end the dusting of RS Ship, Pirate, 420, Laser or Finn, which their masters have for years but they were not used because there was no port that could accommodate them.

The advantage of Káptalanfüred is that it is centrally located, so it is easily accessible from any settlement on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. A dinghy doesn’t need a lot of stuff: so if the wind is good,you can jump on a bike quickly to zoom in on the place. Parents of racing or camping kids are happy to see:as long as the guys are training or racing, older members of the family can launch their own boat and watchevents from the water.
The RS Sailing Center also debuted at the Budapest Boat Show in late February 2020. Dinghy places can be booked for the whole season, but for shorter periods.

More information: VGYE | Richard Náray phone: +36 20 973 1633 | email: