The RS Feva Eurocup 2024 in Hungary has been supported be the Ministry of Human Resources and the Hungarian Yachting Association already in the period of preparations. Their engagement re-confirms the importance of the bigest ever major RS Feva event for Hungary.

At this phase of the organization we boost of some leading companies as sponsors, like RS Sailing Hungary, Live PR or Piper’s which have been supporting our events for years.

Their help and the engagement of the Hungarian government as well as that of the Hungarian Sailing Association give us a solid backbone for our work: the successful organisation of the event.

To ensure that RS Feva Eurocup Hungary 2024 mg is delivered to a higher standard, we are looking for additional partners and supporters. Download the introduction of the competition here, the introduction of the club here! We count on your support, become our partner!

Rs Feva Eurocup 2024 partners and sponsors in Hungary: