Support boat renting

If you find complicated to bring along your own coach boat to Hungary, we have an option for you. Just rent one – from the high standard fleet of Bravo Boats.

This power boat manufacturer started to make craft designed uniquely for the needs of race committees and coaches at sailing regattas. Its power boats has emerged the first choice of Hungarian sailing clubs and associations, on-water juries are happy to have one.

Bravo Boats has been a partner of the Hungarian Yachting Association for years, and they were happy to make a special offer for our friends from abroad. Renting a boat could be a good solution to all who do not want to fill in forms and register their own boats with the Hungarian authorities – Bravo’s boats are allowed on Balaton. You just need bring your coach and he has to have a driving licence – that is all.


This offer is valid from 15 March to 22 july 2024, with super early bird or early bird entry

Rental fee per day: 250,- € + VAT + petrol. 

Deposit: € 500,-.

You find more information about Bravo Boats here.

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