Travelling fleet programme

The VGYE’s fleet programme was established in 2008. The aim of the programme is to bring sailing to waters in Hungary where it has no tradition. Since the beginning of the programme, we have reached several points in the western basin of Lake Balaton, Lake Levelek, Lake Szombathely, Lake Venice, Lake Tatai, helping to promote the sport and to establish sailing schools in local clubs.

The VGYE’s cruising fleet programme includes all the equipment and boats needed to organise a sailing camp or training course, even for a week. Our fleet of six boats can be transported together with all the necessary rescue and instruction equipment.

The basic parts of the traveling fleet programme:

  • A trailer for 6 boats
  • 6 laser pico training boats
  • life jackets for the sailors
  • coaching buo
  • coaching boat

If you have an idea for a sailing school or training course on a waterfront in Hungary, GOOD IDEA! Contact us and we will provide you with everything you need!