VGYE School Sailing programme

Our association considers it important to promote sailing among school-age children, so we launched our VGYE School Sailing programme in 2022.

Since 2018, the Hungarian Sailing Association has had a sailing education programme that can be integrated into primary school curricula, introducing the sport to children in the context of physical education lessons. Based on this programme, we have launched our own training scheme, where we are currently working with two 6th grade classes of a primary school in a 20-hour (10 sessions) project every spring of the school year. The children come to sail twice a week at the VGYE Sailing Center in Budapest for 2-2 hours from April to June.

During one spring season, participants will learn the basics of sailing and hopefully become a real sailor. They can also expand their knowledge at VGYE summer sailing camps or join one of our racing teams.

The programme has been extended to 2 classes in 2023 due to high interest. We welcome applications from more schools for our VGYE School sailing programme!

VGYE School Sailing Program Budapest